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Celebrate the life of your beloved pet

Creative keepsakes using your pet's ashes

for lasting memories.

A fitting tribute to a faithful friend.

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When a faithful friend passes

When a faithful friend passes we want to honour their friendship and loyalty and the happiness they brought to our lives in a really special way, but in difficult times it is not the ideal time to be thinking of ways to express this.

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That's where Precious Memory can help

Precious Memory are experts in helping people to honour their pets in a meaningful way that helps bring some closure and keep the memory of the pet alive forever.

Something   Special

Precious Memory craft unique one-of-a-kind artworks enshrining your pet's ashes in colourful fused glass. A truly personal keepsake to hold and honour your pet forever in your memory.

Prominent and visible

A keepsake of your pet that you are proud to have on display in your home.

Unique, artistic
and meaningful

A keepsake that is as special to you as your pet was, quirky but beautiful

Colourful and joyful

A keepsake that will bring happiness to your heart every time you see its vibrant colours

Close to your touch

A keepsake that when you hold it you feel a closeness to your beloved pet and brings warmth to your heart

Never forgotten

Your keepsake will take pride of place in your home and will serve as a beautiful reminder of your lovely pet

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Handled with care and sensitivity

Precious Memory design and make all of their unique pieces from their studio in beautiful
Ireland - land of the Celts - renowned for their love of animals because of their loyalty and courage. Ireland is the home to many different breeds including terriers, spaniels, setters and, famously, wolfhounds.

Treating your pet's ashes with the care and sensitivity you would expect.
Made and delivered by special post worldwide.

Meet  Pauline

Pauline is the owner of a design studio that specialises in gifts, homeware, jewellery and commissioned pieces. She also creates keepsakes by fusing a small amount of pets ashes into different glass pieces.

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I was so happy when a friend recommended Precious Memory to me when Sly our cat was put asleep. We contacted Pauline and she created a beautiful keepsake for us, we’re absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you Pauline.

John & Mary,

Celebrate the life of your loved pet
and keep them close forever
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Order your keepsake from Precious Memory's online shop, where you will find a variety of keepsakes to choose from.

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Once your order is received, a pack containing a receptacle, instructions on what to do and a pre-addressed and stamped envelope will be posted to you.

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Carry out the simple instructions and post back the envelope containing your pet's ashes, and within 5 weeks you will receive your keepsake and any remaining ashes.

How much ash is needed?

About a teaspoon is plenty.

How do I get the ashes to you?

We provide you with a pack which has a small container in it and you
return it to us in the stamped addressed envelope also provided.

How long does the process take?

It will take up to 5 weeks from the time you order your keepsake to delivery, depending on where you live. This will also be covered in your terms and conditions.

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What people say

"It's helped me honour their loyalty & friendship."
"I wanted to stop the memories from fading."
"I didn't want to leave things unresolved and have regrets."

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"I'm so happy I took the step and placed my order because I really wanted to do something special so I felt better immediately. But when I received the keepsake I was blown away with emotion. Thanks to Pauline for crafting such a beautiful piece of art".

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