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Meet Pauline
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Having grown up on a family farm, Pauline always had a love of animals. She is the youngest of six children and after she finished school she stayed at home to work on the farm. Alongside her father they managed a dairy herd and typical of most farms of that nature there were several working dogs which were also loyal pets.

So between cows, calves, dogs, cats and a horse or two Pauline has spent her life surrounded by animals which became an important part of her life. In 1995 her father retired from farming and the dairy herd was sold. By now Pauline was raising her own family, pets such as dogs and cats were part of her family life, a Budgie named Jackson spent years in her kitchen.  But when these animals would pass away it always left sadness in the family that is still felt.

When building her house Pauline wanted to put stained glass pieces in some of her windows, but had difficulty in finding anyone to do this work.  Being creative from an early age Pauline decided to explore designing and making her own pieces, which she did very successfully.


Finding great enjoyment in this work, Pauline decided to seek formal training in this ancient craft.  She was lucky enough to be able to attend classes and work with some specialist artisan glass designers in Ireland, where she acquired and honed her skill until she became a specialist herself.


Pauline then started her own glass design studio, specialising in gifts, homeware, jewellery and commissioned pieces, from which she supplies outlets and customers throughout Ireland and beyond.

When a friend lost a pet dog that had been a constant and loved companion, Pauline decided that she would make a memento of her friends beloved pet, by fusing some of his cremated ashes into a piece of glass.  This was very well received by her friend and led to numerous requests from others to do the same for their deceased pets.

As a result of this reaction Pauline started to experiment with the idea of fusing a small amount of pet ashes into different glass pieces, thus allowing people keep their pet close to them in a timeless way.

From this ‘Precious Memory’ was born.


"Since I started this business, we ourselves lost 2 lovely Jack Russells, one
named Brian and the other was Molly. It gave me great joy to be able to make
keyrings for each of my children and myself using just a tiny bit of their ashes.
We love them and they're so nice to touch, my daughter Anna asked me to make her a
pendant which she wears on the days that she really misses Molly."

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Precious Memory aims to keep your pet close to you after you’ve said your final farewell.
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