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Welcome to
Pauline's studio

"My studio is a place of happiness where I can immerse myself in my craft and teach others to create works of art."


Pauline's process of setting ashes into glass

When I receive the container with the ashes inside, I set about creating the desired keepsake. I clear my table and concentrate on this process only. I cut some clear glass to the required shape and using a small amount of ash I begin to develop the design. When I have the design complete, I add a top layer of clear glass which when fused in the kiln seals the ashes between 2 layers of glass and fired in the kiln for a number of hours.

Stained & fused glass

I create a wide range of stained and fused glass items for sale through my website, directly from my studio and showroom, and through some retail outlets. I also create commissioned pieces.



I run workshops from my studio. These workshops are in both stained and fused glass. I tend to run them in spring and autumn. I enjoy these immensely, I like meeting people and the chats and banter is great fun.

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